“The Surrogates” makes it to the big screen!!

The Surrogates was a great, seriously under-rated, sci-fi comic book! I had always thought it would make a great movie, so it’s nice to see that it finally has made it to the big screen. The premise is simple. The year is 2054, people are using robotic surrogates to live their lives while they remain at home logged into a network. Their surrogates are much more beautiful, perfect versions of themselves and give their real counterparts virtually no risk of danger in the real world.


They can see and relate all the pleasures of the real world artificially back to their human counterpart.  But someone is determined to return people back to reality instead of living through proxies. A vigilante is loose on the streets murdering these surrogates and one detective is forced to chase him, after years of isolation as his human self. 


 It makes alot of sense, since people today are becoming more and more drawn into life on the internet and their personas created there. The ideas of a surrogate doesn’t sound too far fetched now does it? Anyway this was a great comic book that I highly recommend checking out in trade form. The trailer looks pretty damn cool though, but Bruce Willis can sometimes be pretty hit ot miss….


One comment

  1. Tom Ales

    Awesome! I picked up the first couple issues of this and totally dug it…then my comic shop screwed up and dropped it. I had so many titles at the time I lost track of it. I will definitely have to order up some back issues. The trailer looks great!

    In the day and age where everything is a remake or refresh…or retelling…this looks original!!!!

    Universal Dork…as usual spot on with what the real story is…popular or not!

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