Why have i not seen “dead heat” before???!

Last night I watched “Dead Heat” for the first time ever and I must say it was pretty damn rad! I really can’t beleive I have never seen it before. It stars Treat Williams and Joe Piscopo of Saturday Night Live fame. It’s basically an awesome 80’s buddy cop movie with zombies and some cool monsters. It’s premise is simple, someone is reanimating dead people from the morgue and using them as zombie criminals. Then it’s up to Treat and Piscopo, who serves as the poor man’s Mel Gibson, to get to the bottom of all this funny business. It’s got some really original scenes as well, such as zombies using machine guns and the restaurant kitchen scene where everything from fried chicken, to liver and a side of beef become enraged killing machines! It was a nice surprise to see an actual flick from the 80’s I had never seen before that really delivered the goods! So if you find yourself at the local video store craving something totally campy and highly entertaining check out this classic from 1987!!


Dead Heat Delivers the goods. Zombies, uzi’s, Piscopo’s muscles and zombie slabs of beef. What more can you ask for??!

One comment

  1. Tom Ales

    Pete, I can’t believe you have never seen Dead Heat, that is a classic. The line Joe Piscapo (sp) has at the end about reincarnation as a girls bike seat…the best! Yeah!

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