Mentally challenged magneto defeated….by a wooden gun!!

Yes! Mentally Challenged Magneto is BACK! Yeah he’s back alright and more mentally challenged than ever! This scene occurs near the end of the “Menace of Magneto” Fantastic Four cartoon. After a very un-epic battle with Reed Richards a gun is pulled on Magneto. Yeah ol’ Magneto is still really into talking in third person and narrating what he is going to doing in battle before he does it to his enemies! The clencher here is when Magneto learns he cannot control the gun that is pointed at him! He immediately assumes that all his magnetic power is lost for good-and admits he basically is a total hack with out it! Then when Richards tells him that the gun is made of wood & Magneto CONTINUES to give up surrendering to the police rather than kicking some major ass with his magnetic powers! The best line is at the very end as Magneto is taken away by the police as he admits defeat! What are you waiting for? Go hunt down this epic cartoon already!!


  1. Amber

    this magneto reminds me A LOT of the captain from sealab 20/20… weird coincidence or am i missing something?

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