Sex, Drugs, and Rock N Roll!

Well ok maybe more disco than rock.

 Alot of people consider Dazzler as one of the more lame X-men characters, but always had a soft spot for her in my heart. She first appeared in one of the best X-stories ever The Dark Phoenix Saga and then went on to star in her own graphic novel and series. I always dug the graphic novel cause for its time it really showed what a mutants life was like and not just as a super hero. She drinks, parties, over eats, and sleeps her way to the top . She even outs herself as a mutant to gain publicity for her new movie and singing career. This all doesn’t turn out so well, but you need to read the Graphic Novel to find out more.  After that she joined the X-men, lost her memory, marries Longshot and finally returns with pink short hair. 
Oh and she can’t be that lame if she was asked to be the Herald of Galactus! Good Marvel What If story by the way.


One comment

  1. petersaturday

    that cover is done by one of my all time fav artists ever Bill Sienkiewicz! Yeah Dazzler was Hott! I love her old costume and her rollerskates….

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