Mentally challenged magneto!!!

Here we have perhaps the greatest cartoon of all time!! The Menace of  Magneto!! This episode from the Fantastic Four series w/ Herbie the Robot  is one of my all time favorites. I own this on VHS and have watched this, shown it to friends a million times and it NEVER disappoints! There is clearly something very wrong with Magneto on this particular afternoon! The first clue is that damn ridiculous car he’s driving around!! Is that the best he could do for a vehicle?!

 Then he stops at the gas station to get directions to the Baxter Building from the teenage bonehead who’s working the pump! Does Magneto really not know how to get there? Has he been living in a cave at the North Pole? Then when he gets frustrated that the pump boy doesn’t beleive his lame ass story about his stupid hunk of metal on sled blades not needing any gas he says probably the best line of his entire life: “When I get angry, things begin to happen!!” Whoah pleeeez Magneto don’t make “things begin to happen”, pleeeeez, I am begging you !! As you can see apparently when he gets angry really lame and stupid things begin to happen!

Plus he really loves to talk to himself…in third person…..ALOT!  Also, Magneto, the people aren’t staring at amazement at your stupid-ass car.No, they are amazed that you’d be caught dead in public in that thing! Oh yeah Magneto must have gotten alot of parking tickets in his time since he clearly loses his damn mind when getting anywhere near a “no parking sign”! I must say, hunt this VHS down on ebay-“The Menace of Magneto” this is only a fraction of how truely mind blowing this cartoon gets…..


  1. petersaturday

    i do have a secret love for villains who get foiled by a wooden gun and need to ask directions at a gas station to their enemies place of residence!!

  2. David

    Something about Magneto stuck in New York traffic that just cracks me up. I also think that Magneto has some serious social problems because he lets signs bother him and doesn’t want anyone to even tell him that cars need gas. No wonder things didn’t work out with him and Xavier.

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