Are you craving a good monster movie??

I must say as far as horror movies go I am a HUGE fan of monster movies!! So any time I see a good one I want to make sure I get the word out there about it. I finally got to see “Splinter” which i somehow missed the first time around when it played in town here last year. Well last tuesday it was released on dvd and I made sure to pick it up! If I would have caught this one in the theater it would have most definaltely made it into my top 10 horror flicks of 2008 list I did a while back.


 It’s a really simplistic plot with only six people in the  entire film. Basically a couple is headed out on a camping trip that’s cut short because of the woman’s whiney boyfriend who for some reason is unable to understand the concept of pitching a tent and dealing with a few mosquitos. They decide to head to the nearest hotel where he can enjoy the luxary of  cable tv and vibrating beds. On their way they encounter a stranded woman on the road and stop to help her only to be taken captive by her gun weilding redneck boyfriend who emerges from the woods. The crazy couple is apparently on the run, take them hostage and end up stopping at a nearby gas station. There they quickly become stranded and pursued by a truely unique parasitic creature. I don’t want to give too much away to those who have not seen this but what I can say is that this movie delivers with the gore (the razor and arm scene is truely grotesque) and the scares.

 It features an awesome monster who uses it’s human hosts like demented marrionettes and even strings the bodies together as it becomes stronger. It’s a truely organic film as the effects are old school with almost no CG whatsoever to spoil it’s realism. My only quam with the film was that I would have liked a little better look at the creature in full. It’s always nice when you pick up a horror film that actually lives up to the hype and even better to know there are still people out there who are making good creature features. I highly recommend renting this and if you wanna make it a double feature tomorrow “The Burrowers” comes out on dvd as well. I have heard some amazing things about this western creature feature….

Check out the offical short prequel “Blood Red Earth” for “The Burrowers” here at  


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