The Super Powers Collection withstands the test of time!

Anyone remember DC’s Super Powers Collection action figures from the 80’s? They were probably the best action figures ever! They today still look amazing and there were soooo many of them. They made figures of some pretty obscure characters too. My favorites were The Red Tornado, the Joker, Penguin, Brainiac and the Flash but they were all pretty amazing really.


You would squeeze a certain part of their body to make them do a special attack. They were so much cooloer than the Marvel Secret Wars figures which used pretty much the same peices except the heads to make all of the action figures. I still have almost all of my old figures from this line. Anyway check out these rad commercials.

Here’s a Secret Wars commercial-they just couldn’t compete with The Super Powers Collection at the time!

This website has an archive of everything that the Super powers Collection had released-pretty amazing!


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