old school artists that need to come back to comics! Barry Windsor smith!

Hey Barry!! Where the heck have you been lately?!! Unless I am completely uninformed (which could be the case) I am wondering why this amazing artist has been missing from the comic book industry as of late? He is by far one of the BEST comic book artists of all time. I remember him most distinctly for his amazing artwork on the amazing “Weapon X” series in 1988, the hugely underated “Machine Man” limited series of 1984, X-Men #205 which is probably my all time favorite Wolverine one shot solo story and finally his one shot Thing and Human Torch story from Marvel Fanfare #15.


I guess though he is most well known by everyone else for his artwork on Conan The Barbarian for Marvel Comics in the early 1970’s. Either way you look at it he has got a style that is completely unmistakable. His detail and gritty feel are unmatched. His version of Wolverine is brutal and bloody.


I firmly beleive he took that charcater to a whole new level and set the bar for every Wolverine story to come after. His images of Wolverine in Weapon X have been put into movies and comics.This guy is a visonary and I’d LOVE to see him back in comics! Let’s get him as an artist on the new Weapon X series dammit! I heard 2006 that he was in negotions with Marvel to be doing a new “Thing” graphic novel but have not heard about it since. Here’s the last news i have heard:

“Barry Windsor-Smith is working on finishing up a graphic novel for Marvel Comics that will feature Ben Grimm in a story like you’ve never quite seen before. A story informed by a profound love of Lee and Kirby’s work, but filtered through a more sophisticated and nuanced storytelling technique that will capture the attention and stir the imagination of 21st Century readers.

The origin of this graphic novel goes back decades. Following the popularity of BWS’s Ben Grimm story in Marvel Fanfare #15, he started work in 1985 on what was then intended to be a four- or five-part miniseries. Barry says he “completed two 22-page chapters in pencil, part inks, part script, and partial lettering. The story foundered for a while and in the meantime I created Weapon X, after that the Thing series was largely forgotten until 2005.”

Bringing the graphic novel to market in 2006 is a very different prospect for the artist and for the company than it would have been twenty years ago. Barry says “My concept for publication is to present the work in a single volume — hardcover and trade paperback — with editorial material explaining the history of the story and including the many visual out-takes culled from over the years. This will not only be rewarding in an historical way but will allow a smoother transition from the look and sound of my 1980s work to my somewhat different style of 2005. Mind you, Marvel has yet to green light this project, we’re still in talks.”

Marvel Fanfare #15 has one of the most adored Thing stories of all time.

Let’s hope that Marvel does eventually greenlight this project because i’d love to see Barry back on board with Marvel! In the mean time I think i’m gonna dig through my comic boxes and re-read the “Machine Man” limited series…..


An alternate cover for the amazing solo Wolverine story in X-Men #205.

Barry’s take on Daredevil was nothing short of breathtaking…


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