This last weekend we all got together to watch some of the most awful terds ever filmed! Yes it was officially Bad Movie Night at my pad and we rocked it hard with some truely terrible cinema. Here’s what was on the menu with a few highlights to give you an idea exactly what we were up against:

1. First up was the mega clunker sci-fi shit-fest from 1990 called “THE GUYVER”.


Man did this movie suck in the BEST way possible! It starred Mark Hamill and Had Jimmy Walker in it as a rapping bling wearing Monster. Nuff said. Check out this scene below for some hard evidence of complete and total amazing suckage:

2. Next up was the terrible terrible version of the unreleased Roger Corman version of “THE FANTASTIC FOUR” from 1994.


Words can’t really describe how awful and boring this movie is! From the first scene to the extremely un-epic final battle this will movie will consistantly keep blowing chunks! Aren’t superhero films supposed to be exciting? NOT THIS ONE! Well one thing that’s definately worth it is watching just how un-fantastic Mr. Fantastic is in this film along with a super lame version of Doctor Doom( check out his evil hand motions in the video below). It also comes with a super wretched version of the Mole Man called the Jeweler. Why not just call him the Mole Man? My guess is the Mole Man probably saw this terd and begged them to not use his name!! Well either way I will still argue that this version of The Thing looks better than the equally terrible recent Fantastic Four film’s Thing. At least it has that much going for it!! check this out:

3. Lastly we watched the legendary “MAC & ME”. As you can probably tell by the cover this one is gonna clearly HURT bad.


This one is just downright PAINFUL to watch. I guess it’s supposed to be an E.T. clone of some sort. Kid meets alien and adventure ensues right? WRONG. No folks, there’s not much adventure in this one. What there is alot of though is highly irritating kids and a mega-annoying alien who’s just begging to get his ass royally kicked back to his home planet! This movie had people almost in a coma until the truely classic scene of the main character who happens to be in a wheelchair, well, just check it out cuz as far as bad movies go it doesn’t get much better than this…


  1. eljamez

    That Guyver cover is totally misleading. It gives the impression that Mark Hamill is The Guyver. Bummer. I remember the cartoon being pretty cool though.

  2. petersaturday

    yeah what the hell why wasn’t he the guyer! i wonder if he had been the guyver if he still would have worn that shitty tan jacket when he was the robot dude?!! LAMMMME!!

  3. mydarlingboy

    I cannot wait for mac and me three to come out!!! I heard vern troyer will play the alien, and judge reinhold will play the boy… will be amazing….

  4. TJ

    Guyver 2 (yes, they made a sequel to the live-action turkey) was better. It came at least a little closer to feeling like the original manga and anime.

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