HULK VS. Dvd: marvel animated finally gets it right!

Last night i watched the brand spankin’ new “HULK Vs.” dvd last night that i got for my birthday on Monday night and i must say it was exellent. There are two movies on here the first is Hulk Vs. Wolverine which was the by far best of the two. This has easily got to be the coolest superhero cartoon i have ever seen! Finally some decent animation by Marvel since the Ultimate Avengers movies i was really starting to wonder if these new animated features would really be worth the time to view. The answer is YES. In this feature Wolverine and the Hulk go at it with no holds barred. Ultra violent, action packed and bloody (yes Wolverine not only uses his claws to stab people but unlike all 3 live action X-men films they actually bleed), it looks like marvel is taking a step in the right direction here.


The story is quite simple The Hulk is on a rampage in the wilderness of Canada and the government there wants Wolverine to take him down. The look of Wolverines’ costume here leads me to believe that this is pre-X-men days and probably when he was working for Department H with future Alpha Flight members. Very remnisent of his first appearance in Hulk #181 actually. The fight scenes are great as is watching the Hulk beat Wolverine to a pulp.

But wait it gets better. About midway in Sabretooth, Omega Red, Lady Deathstrike and Rob Liefelds’ own wise crackin’ Dead Pool show up to break up the battle and traquilize The Hulk and Wolverine taking them back to the Weapon X facility. It doesn’t take long til they are breaking free and kicking some serious ass in a brutal battle together against Wolverine’s gallery of rogues. One of the best scenes have to be watching the Hulk tear off both of Lady Deathstrike’s arms or Wolverine cutting Deadpools’ arm into peices.

This was a great time and i will be watching it again real soon! Then there’s the Hulk Vs. Thor which is also pretty fun, however it’s the first feature (which is actually animated much better too) that makes this a MUST HAVE dvd for any Hulk or Wolverine fan. What are you waiting for? Go get this NOW!

Check out this clip and if you’re still not sold on this you’ve got some serious problems!!!

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