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  1. Stephen Ezell

    Alright, here goes. Where is his chin? Is this a storyline where his jaw is off and he is still wearing his mask? How does hand hold sword? Thumb on one side, nah on the other! Sloth eyes. “Hey you guys!” Holmes is gonna blow his thumb off if he fires that gun. Does he think it is a revolver? Bent sword. I count 4 tampons. Wade is stuffing those biceps, he don’t need to, but he do. Papapapapapapa POUCHES! I know that is part of his original design, but my goodness… What is Deadpool doing? You and I both LOVE She-Hulk’s covers. What is this? Deadpool holding in a daring poopoo? Those swords are certainly not a pair. Who ever stands like that? I am serious, I have lived 34 years and have never stood like that. I love this so much. Let’s do this everyday forever.

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