She-Hulk Was The Original Deadpool!!

Ok so I saw the latest Deadpool flick and though I was never a huge fan of the character (aside from him in the Remender X-Force books which I totally dug) in this case I’ll actually say I think Deadpool works better on the silver screen than in the funny books! Yep, I really quite enjoyed the Deadpool flick, heck I thought this was the first good movie Ryan Reynolds starred in as the lead. It was action packed, well written, never boring, surprisingly funny and was about as over the top as you can get.

It’s also responsible for getting us an upcoming R-rated Wolverine flick by golly, something I’ve hoped for forever. So yeah, nice work for once Hollywood! Anyway I keep reading all these articles about how Deadpool was the first major superhero to “break the fourth wall” in the comics, something many think is the key to his success as he and the audience are “in it together”. Well I got news for you! For those of you who may have forgotten the late 1980’s She-Hulk run from John Byrne you need to bust out the back issues asap! She-Hulk, you betcha was “doing the Deadpool” before he was even created!

Yep back in 1989 The Sensational She-Hulk came out and it was one of the best comic books ever. In fact Dead Pool comedy-wise in the comic books can’t hold a candle to Byrne’s She-Hulk.

Her second solo series was all spot on comedy, wonderfully drawn by Byrne who was clearly a HUGE fan of The Hulk’s cuter cousin as he also made her a member of the Fantastic Four in issue #265 where she replaced The Thing for years.

She-Hulk was “breaking the fourth wall” like a mad woman back in the late 80’s in her second series making jokes about the Marvel universe, ripping on the writers, conversing with the readers, jumping out of panels, critiquing being a woman superhero written by a dude and taking on Marvel’s lamest supervillains like no other could.

The Sensational She-Hulk is likely Deadpool’s true secret to success as it’s clear THAT’S where he got his “schtick” from.

If you want to read a far superior book than any Deadpool series check out the Sensational She-Hulk to see where it all started. Oh yeah Marvel isn’t it about time for She-Hulk to enter the cinematic universe?!


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  1. rochesterrambler

    Ummm read Brian poshen and Gerry duggans good the bad and the ugly arc on deadpool and then try and say say that she hulk is better than every deadpool series. Or the entirety of joe Kelly’s run on the merc with a mouth from the late 1990s. Seriously as most deadpool fans will likely tell you, do not base your opinions on the character from the terrible travesty writer Daniel way forced upon him in 2008. I’m not saying that’s what your doing I’m just saying that im glad I started with Kelly’s run because if I started with ways I would t have stuck with the character very long. Though I do agree his best appearces are in the Uncanny xforce books.
    Ps. I came across your blog as I have just sped read through the entirety of Alpha Flight all four volumes,with only the first volume given an sort of justice in terms of longevity and length. Glad I’m not the only one who wants more Puck!

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