Please Don’t Bring Darth Vader Back from the Dead!!

We’ve all heard the rumor mill this week about all things Star Wars all the damn time 24/7. To be completely honest I’m trying to avoid as much of all that as I possibly can-I would really like to see Episode 7 without knowing the whole damn plot and every one of it’s secrets ahead of time! Remember when you used to see a movie and it was a total surprise? Now days every website is trying cash in on spoilers & rumors on our favorite movies. However when I saw the rumor posted that Hayden Christensen is in training to return as Darth Vader in Episode 8 I couldn’t resist.

I’m really hoping that this is just one big fat lie. Not because I dislike the prequels (which I totally do) but I really think it’s time to let go of good ol’ Lord Vader. Yeah he was an amazing villain, one of the best, most iconic of all time. But let’s face it his story has been told and his demise was perfect, bringing him back from the dead would only diminish how important his role was in the entire saga!!

It’s a “do it merely to cash in” move that puts pleasing the fans above a compelling story. Let’s face it too, Darth Vader IS dead! We even saw George Lucas replace Sebastian Shaw with Hayden Chistensen’s version of “ghost” Anakin back in his “improved” version of Return of the Jedi.

I’m also totally ok with bringing back Actors like Ewan Mcgregor to play Obi-Wan Kenobi in spin-off flicks. So no I’m not just prequel hatin’! Let’s move forward with Star Wars, keep little bits of the old but we really are fully capable of having a new villain again who’s just as potent as Darth Vader!  I mean I’d like Hayden to get one more chance to really redeem himself in the role – But what do you think? You want to see Darth Vader back from the dead in the flesh? Could they do it tastefully?


  1. Ehpik

    I believe it’s rumored that he’s supposed to return as a Force Ghost, much like he was at the end of RotJ. If they truly ressurect him, I’d definitely find that in the most ill of tastes, especially as a huge fan of Star Wars. I don’t mind seeing the Force Ghost of Anakin, though, but I really, REALLY disliked Hayden’s acting in the prequels; Hopefully he’s learned a thing or two over the years since.

    • petersaturday

      I was thinking if they did go the “Force Ghost” route that’d be ok, but somehow I get the feeling they’d want to bring him back in the flesh, especially if Hayden needs to start “training” for the role!

    • petersaturday

      Yeah, it seemed like everything was a bit too connected in the Star Wars prequels to the original trilogy, like chewy, c3po, r2 etc etc. I can’t wait until the day they remake those movies!

  2. frazzledslacker

    I can’t imagine that anyone involved in the Star Wars franchise would think bringing Vader back from the dead would be a good idea or a successful plot contribution. Even with the faults that many find in the prequels (and original films as well) there has always been an element of keeping the story moving along in a direction that keeps fans wanting more. However, with the Ren’s being Sith fanboys I could totally get into some flashback style Vader just to see him in action with the technology that was not available during his previous screentime.

  3. Optional Gray

    He is going to be in Star Wars:Rouge One. I’d love it if he was in the suit with good ole james earl jones doing the voice of course. Hayden is a wonderful actor(check out shattered glass and life as a house.),he gave us the performance George demanded of him,i personally loved him as anakin and darth vader but i can understand why it didnt work for other people. I dont think we will see darth vader in this new movie,it wouldnt make sense for darth vader to be a ghost but it would make perfect sense to have anakin appear to luke in some form. i would love for anakin to truly get to know luke, considering he only saw him for 30 seconds before he died…man i cannot wait for episode 7 🙂

  4. Ben

    Completely agree with this. It’s time to move the story forward and create a new iconic villain. It looks like there is some potential there without relying too heavily on the last.

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