Comic Book Cover of the Week- Puck the Pint Sized Powerhouse!

It’s no secret here – I love Alpha Flight! I love John Byrne too who’s the man behind the Canadian supergroup, heck I’d go as far as to say that he’s my favorite comic book artist of all time! So today I’m showcasing his amazing cover from Alpha Flight #5 way back from 1983. This one features a cool solo story with none other than Puck the coolest little superhero of all time and quite possibly hairier than Wolverine!! I’m so bummed that Marvel can’t seem to come up with a good ongoing  series for the team. If you want a great run of comics to read check out John Byrnes run on the book (issues 1-28) you get great art and lots of drama and then some. This rad cover proves sometimes simplicity is the best approach!! I love how he’s jumping out of the price box-brilliant!




  1. Alastair Savage

    I remember Byrne once being asked what Puck’s name meant, with lots of people thinking it came from the Shakespearean character, but no, he’s named after a hockey puck. This is Canada after all …
    Only Brian Bolland and Mike Zeck can match Byrne in my opinion, but Byrne pencils + Austin inks was the match made in heaven.

    • petersaturday

      I agree, I rave about mike zeck here way too much and Brian Bolland! I did not know that about his name…I am still hoping for an alpha flight movie someday, of course I think Peter Dinklage could rock that role of puck so hard!

    • petersaturday

      It’s more than ok, I’m impressed! That’s pretty awesome what type of game was it?

      and I read yesterday that marvel is hinting about an alpha flight book in 2015!

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