Captain America’s Costume for Lease: The Falcon Joins the Growing List of Cap Wannabes!!

So it seems that ol’ Steve Rogers has got some problems again-as you all probably already know he’ll be passing the mantle of Captain America to he longtime buddy Sam Wilson, formerly The Falcon! Wilson arguably the first black superhero in mainstream comics, originally appearing in the late 1960’s and has been one of Cap’s best friends since. It seems Marvel’s trying to really shake things up there to generate new some interest, most recently, the company announced a new Thor that’d be a female version and also announced that Wolverine would be killed off in the coming months. Of course we all know, Wolverine will be back, Thor will be a man again and Steve Rogers will once again return as Cap, so really there’s nothing to lose here for Marvel, it’s not even a gamble in smallest possible way.


But Man, Steve Rogers has a rough time being Captain America in the modern age doesn’t he? Being killed off in Civil War and having Bucky become the new Cap (I LOVED the Bucky version by the way) and now his super soldier serum being taken from his body?! Dang! Now Steve will operate from behind the scenes sitting at a desk as he’s now an old fogey! Ouch!! Anyway I think it’s a cool idea and I like the fact that the Falcon stepped to the plate to make some Cap history.

From what I hear too is that Wilson won’t be giving up his wings either-a good decision. Plus a winged flying Cap is a cool idea. My question is why realistically would Wilson decide to be Cap when he’s already a legend in his own right? I guess it’d be like if Spider-man died and suddenly The Black Panther decided he was going to be the Spider-man?!

Anyway there have over the years several others who’ve taken the role of Captain America besides Steve Rogers, here’s a list of the Cap wannabes!!

My fave the Bucky Cap…



Then there’s the Isaiah Bradley, version, considered the second incarnation of Cap, he’s also black, sorry Sam …


The there’s William Naslund, also known as “The Spirit of 76”, he’s the 1950’s Cap with Fred Davis the second Bucky…

Then there’s Jeffrey Mace, who was also a super patriotic super hero called the Patriot, he replaced Naslund when he bit the dust!

Then there’s the one shot Cap, Bob Russo, who took the mantle for one single issue Cap #178

Then there’s the numbskull “Scar” Turpin, who in the next issue #179 donned the suit again for only one issue…

Then there’s the naive Rosco Simmons, who took on the role of Cap, while Rogers himself decided to don the Nomad Costume! See even Rogers enjoys the whole switch-a-roo costume identity schtick, too bad for Simmons as the Red Skull killed him shortly after..

and Steve Rogers as Nomad!

Then there’s John Walker, formerly the villain the Super Patriot, he became Cap when the US Gov’t took the costume from Rogers, later he became The US Agent..

Then there’s Dave Rickford, who came before Bucky Cap-he tried out the suit, but Steve Rogers talked him out of the job, saying it was too dangerous for him! What a wimp!

Lastly there’s the Clint Barton (Hawkeye) Cap from Fallen Son #3, seems he just didn’t feel right taking the role, probably because he knew deep down inside his own gig as Hawkeye was pretty damn sweet!

So there ya have it, the Cap franchise, it only makes sense that Wison will give it a shot! But never fear we all know Rogers will be back! Who knows now in the movie universe, it seems we now have two contenders for the mantle Bucky and The Falcon! One of them is sure to don the tights on the big screen!



    • petersaturday

      You know i’m not sure, ill have to check that out! Civil War would be a great project for the next Cap movie!

      • Ben

        It would be a great story for the Marvel Movie Universe as a whole but it’s probably not “good guys vs bad guys” enough for the films.

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