Listen Up Abrams! The FOUR Golden Rules for Star Wars Have Arrived!

Here’s a great little video that hit the web today, simply titled “4 Rules to Make Star Wars Great Again”. Meaning what? That the prequels were BAD?! Yeah…well we don’t need to get into those pesky prequels again. What we have here is a simple guide line with some great animation for Abrams to roll around in his brain from Portland Oregon’s own Sincerely Truman.


Honestly though at this point in the game it certainly doesn’t appear that JJ Abrams is gonna screw anything up, everything I have seen and heard thus far points to the next installment being the opposite of what we got served from the prequels. In fact, so far I am so certain that he’s not only going to do it right but he’s going to exceed us Star Wars fans expectations! But then again, with Hollywood THESE days you just never know! So here are 4 rules along with their official website!

Are these four rules enough? What do you think? I’d say they nailed it but Star Wars was cute back in 1983 Return of the Jedi’s the Ewoks were about as cute as it gets!


  1. AZryan

    4 terribly simplistic observations that have been noted about a million times already -and poorly narrated (forced and hammy).

    The main flaw here is that there’s ZERO depth of insight. Star Wars isn’t a Western. It’s adventure/fantasy with some elements ripped-off from ‘The Searchers’ and other Westerns. But Lucas also ripped-off scenes from WWII dogfights. Mainly he stole the plot/characters/culture/style of Kurosawa’s ‘Hidden Fortress’.
    The Jedi, their code, sword and mystical ‘force’, are all Japanese ‘Samurai/Eastern’ elements, not ‘Western’. Han/cantina are (stolen) western elements, but that’s only for a small part of the first film and nothing else.

    Of course, the prequel political elements were boring and goofy, but Lucas is a horrible writer. It didn’t ‘have’ to be boring or goofy.
    It doesn’t all have to take place where it’s gritty, and in the middle of nowhere. It should have been awesome to see a gleaming Jedi Citadel, or Naboo (awful name) to contrast other grittier out-world scenes, but it was all crap with CG abuse, muppets, idiot kids and awful acting, lines and direction.

    The underground, struggling rebels (and Han) had heavily worn ships, but the Empire had nice, new clean ships (they were just flat gray). There shouldn’t BE an Empire anymore, so that style shouldn’t even be around, logically.

    That style could’ve been maintained in the prequels, but Lucas did all this bad CG and filled shots with billions of effects to ruin everything.
    It did make sense though that other worlds had diff styles of ships that were clean, nice, even slick, etc. (I’d avoid it myself, but it ‘could’ve’ worked and made sense).

    If this video had any depth, it would suggest possible plot points, not just some superficial crap. THE reason by far that the prequels sucked was ‘cuz Lucas is a horrible writer. These new ones need a strong plot to drive some expected canned drama, big action scenes and one-liners with a bit of PG-13 sexual tension.

    How ’bout ‘WHAT is the new threat?’ The rebels won the galaxy back at the end of Jedi. There were never supposed to be 3 more films. That was one of Lucas’s hundreds of lies.

    I might try to spin it that it isn’t ‘quite’ over yet, and the ‘clean-up’ is still plenty dangerous. But Abrams’ll probably just jump forward 20 years to shove old han/leia/luke in it and make new young adult MTV ‘stars’ the heroes. So that’ll mean just making up some crap new Sith villain who’s ruining the peace.
    Safe and disposable.

    Abrams hasn’t shown himself to be able to do more than that, at best. And just crap, at worst. But it can’t possibly be as bad as the prequels, or Ewoks, or Vader’s Potato-head face, etc.
    The series is already ruined, and is just Di$ney heroin for geek suckers now.

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