Wolverine’s Secret Obesession with…Gerber Baby Products?!

Check this out, this was from the “1993 Marvel Annual Financial Report” that they sent out specifically to people who bought stock in Marvel. For some reason, Marvel seems to be connected to Gerber Baby products-we see this first with this image from Wolverine’s shrouded mysterious past-little did we know he was so fucking pumped up about Gerber stuff! Maybe he just heard the news about Daken? Or maybe he just loves babies?! Check it out!!


Also it seems Wolverine ain’t the only one mesmerized by Gerber stuff! Iron Man Flips out when he get’s a glimpse of the Gerber Baby!!


You can actually buy a copy of the Marvel Financial Report on Amazon, check it here!






  1. Michael Allan Leonard

    Weird, isn’t it? I’ve talked to a writer who works for Marvel’s Special Projects division and this sort of thing happens a *lot* — companies license out Marvel characters for in-house materials and a lot of it is under NDAs and never sees the light of day outside of pamphlets and brochures.

    But Wolverine as spokesperson for Gerber is a whole different level of odd.

    • petersaturday

      Yeah it’s really weird! But i do love how there are exclamation points after everything Wolverine says about the Gerber stuff-he seems legitimately pumped!

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