Mister Saturday Travels to the Land of the Lost……Riddim!

I thought I’d share this new Mister Saturday track just posted up to Youtube yesterday. Yeah I know you’re still wondering who in the hell Mister Saturday is? Well in short it’s me. I started this little project years ago, where I’d take dancehall and instrumental hip hop tracks and rapping or DJ-ing (as it’s referred to in Jamaican culture) over them. I became a big fan of reggae dancehall when I was just a kid and always wanted to hear songs about stuff that I liked, like say The Incredible Hulk, Star Trek and Dungeons & Dragons. That stuff though isn’t real big in Jamaica so I decided what the hell, I’ll make my own songs about that stuff! Somebody had to do it. So I did it, and songs like the one below are the result. Nerdcore reggae dancehall.


I figured if MC Frontalot could invent nerdcore hip hop, then I could invent it’s reggae rappin’ counterpart. This track was an instrumental from 1985 called “Land of Rhythm” by Sly and Robbie the legendary riddim twins. I always thought it deserved some vocals so I added them, get out your break dancing attire, grab a spliff and boogie down! Subscribe to my Youtube channel to as I’m always adding more songs and vids! Been working on a live show with my partner in crime Ensly Mogul who also has been makin some wicked beats & riddims, now all I gotta do is get Frontalot or MC Chris to take me on tour with them!

“The Land of the Long Lost Riddim”

Attention everyone, get your boarding pass in your hand at the station

This a the Land of the Long Lost Riddim, Come along on this expedition
Buckle in and let the journey begin, going like a superhuman version of Huckleberry Finn

This a no three hour tour, but it in a Gilligan Stylee
The Skipper him a now lend me the Minnow for a while
Upon the trail of Marshall, Will & Holly
The Minnow lose control goodness gracious by golly
Down the same waterfall we a fall and the earthquake crumble down it all
It a go plunge us down, down a thousand feet below
To the Land of the Long Lost Riddim we go

Like Kraven The Hunter or Indiana Jones me lyrics are like a whip on remote control
The Riddim a running wild like Randy Macho Man Savage and the sound it a ravage

That a sound it a primitive style, wicked and wild, super versatile
Prehistoric riddim is what is upon a the menu
One Million B.C. me rock the venue
Yeah me fossilize me lyrics in a cave in the dark
so they can clone them later at Jurassic Park
Jack Shepherd him a come to me with some questions
John Locke coming along looking for suggestions
Asking me to take them back to Los Angeles
Because the Land of the Lost Riddim it a too dangerous
Because the sound it surrounds you like raptors
Draw me Lightsaber and defeat the captors
Then use me lyrics to rewrite the chapters
So Jack & Locke them live happily ever after
This one me haffe tell you again, Inna The Land or Riddim me a the true champion

I can’t believe the things I’ve found, when I look all around


Because, this adventure it going to take us way out in the boonies
So this time around me gonna reform The Goonies
At night me haffe sleep upon the bottom bunk
and up top bunk sleeping a me new friend Chunk
Borrow me borrow a Baby Ruth to try and entice Sloth
Because we hunting Wampa riddims like the ones on Hoth
Yeah and the Rancor Riddims, Skywalker style yes me haffe kill them

The League of Extraordinary Gentleman
Come fe recruit me to guide them through The Land of Riddim
Them a tracking rhyme thieves from another dimension
Who them? Who them a wonder who are the leader? Who a the operator?
Kang the Conqueror him a want fe come fight I & I
So me open me mouth & let the lyrics come out
And Kang him bow down and cry
“Mister Saturday yes you rule The Land,
how utterly stupid of me lord, you must think that I am”
So me say, “No worry or bother bwoy, me know me claim the throne,
me got ’nuff love ala Romancing the Stone, like Michael Douglas
me never want fe go home, The Jewel of the Nile Riddim me steal it fe me own”



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