Compliance: Easily The Most Frustrating Movie of the Year!

Wow… I just finished watching “Compliance” the other night, which was just recently released on DVD. I’ve never seen a more messed up, irritating movie in perhaps my entire life! This movie will make you want to scream, pull your hair out of your head and pick up your television and throw it out the window. Yes I”m not kidding. It’s been a long long time since I’ve seen cinema this frustrating and if you don’t believe me I dare you to watch it. I guarantee you will want to teleport yourself into the tv screen and kick all these peoples asses to the moon.

The premise is incredibly simple, during a busy day at a fast food chicken restaurant a female employee is pulled of the register and taken into the back room by her female boss. Her boss is on the phone with a caller who claims to be a police officer reporting that the employee had stolen money from a purse of a customer there only a couple hours ago. She’s kept in the back room and slowly the “officer” on the phone starts demanding that they do a strip search of her because there aren’t any police in the area at the moment. Her boss reluctantly strip searches her and finds nothing. The demands get more and more outrageous as several other people become involved and follow the man’s demands if only because they are afraid of authority.

This movie goes into some seriously dark places and about mid way through I found myself shouting at the screen. I figured it to be just one stupid ass, yet well acted movie with a ridiculously unbelievable plot. I have to admit I almost turned it off at one point. However what was most shocking is that this movie is based on a real incident. It follows the real incident exactly as it happened in real life which blew my mind that anyone one anywhere could be this stupid and naive. With further investigation similar incidents portrayed in this movie ocurred over 70 times here in the United States. I guess to truly understand how insane this is you really have to see the movie, but be warned it will make you angry, frustrated and kinda sick to your stomach. It will also show you just how fearful and compliant people can be when dealing with people of the law…..

Here is the ABC news coverage of the story, spoilers a plenty…


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