Live action CG ALF Movie…….LAME!!!

Hey everyone it seems word on the net today is about the possible ALF reboot / remake full length feature film! Sounded good to me when I first heard about it, I mean you have to have no soul to not like ALF! I am certain there are some youngsters out there are like who the shit is ALF? But all of us 1980’s kids need no introduction, his name stands for Alien Life Form. He’s a furry smart ass alien who loves to dine on….Cats!

It was also one of best 80’s sitcoms around & Alf was brought to life entirely by puppetry. This version boasts a CG Alf. Uggh…hey Hollywood did you see the latest installment of The Muppets movie? Do you think that would have been any good if Kermit and Co were CG? It’s no wonder that this is the direction the movie is taking as Jordan Kerner the “genius” behind the latest Smurfs movie is Alf’s producer. This movie could be a completely nostalgic & delightful throwback for all of us. Somehow I have a feeling this new version of Alf will be a bunch of watered down Hollywood Schlock. Only Hollywood could ever be accused of something as atrocious as watering down Alf. But they are already en route to doing so. The good news is that original voice of Alf, Paul Fasco is on board at least! Maybe I am being too hard on Hollywood? But hey Alf was never broken, he doesn’t need to be fixed….in the meantime puppet ALF is saying F’ off to CG Alf via this ALF Metal, this isn’t the first time I posted this here because it’s goddamn amazing!!!



  1. chris

    I have very high hopes for this.Im in the middle of season 1 of alf and also the animated series.I don’t mind that the producer of the smurfs is making this because the smurf movie even though i was ready to despise it, much like the passionate hatred i have for the alvin and the chipmunk movies but to my pleasant surprise smurfs was a lot of fun and was a solid movie for kids.Alf needs to be Cg for several reasons.The shows production was very hard and dangerous to do.The stage was awkward and precarious for the actors to walk around because of the spots where the puppeteer (who was bat shit insane and insisted that ALF be treated like a real person) had to work.I highly doubt we will get a movie of alf sitting on the couch most of the time and when you watch the show its painfully obvious when it goes from puppet to some poor midget stuffed into a horrible hot suit….Bring on the CG ALF!!!! 🙂 I can’t wait….please oh please let the script be good!!! that is what i’m worried about.TED is proof they can make him look real….jut give us the good jokes!!

    • petersaturday

      Sorry, I am not excited for CG Alf. To me it’s just another example of Hollywood being lazy. Alf is a puppet and that is part of the charm!! The Muppet movie was great. You sound like you think making Alf a puppet in 2012 is a impossible dangerous feat!

      • chris

        loll I don’t think it’s dangerous and impossible i think it’s outdated and wouldnt work anymore. I dont want a movie of alf standing behind counters and then becoming a midget in suit when he chases a cat! His charm is with his snappy jokes not that he’s a least to me dont get me wrong love the old puppet/midget alf,I still have an alf doll 🙂 but it’s time to make him cg and as i said before just make the jokes good and ill be happy.

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