Give Me My GOOD Hulk Comic Books Back DAMMIT!

I LOVE the Hulk! Let it once again be known! I will prove it right here and now with my new song “Don’t Make Me Angry!” which I wrote about the green goliath and my alter ego Mister Saturday’s gamma radiated adventures together. What? You never heard of Mister Saturday? The intergalactic nerdcore dancehall reggae sensation?

Well believe me I am a big star in the Andromeda Galaxy, Vulcan, Malkor III, Hoth and Naboo. So Earth hasn’t been a huge priority up until recently. Below is the song-however a proper video is in the works and should be filmed by the end of the month!

Don’t make me angry, lord have mercy, now Mr. Mcgee

Don’t make me angry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry

Don’t make me have to tell you this one again, oh lord hear me come down

Because me veins them full of gamma radiation and The Leader say that me rule the gamma nation

Yeah hear me now dread don’t let me lose me temper because me rage it a coming, bubbling hot like fire

me got the gamma rays all inside me brain and if me don’t release them me gwan go insane

Just like Jennifer Walters, yes me get the transfusion, she give me one just to avoid confusion

she nah want no one else but Mister Saturday because me lyrics them a full up of the gamma rays

The sound of me voice defeats The Abomination and puts The Hulk into a state of elation

Doc Samson bow in complete admiration Thunderbolt Ross him a curse me creation

and when him a turn Hulk Red, complete intimidation him try fe flex, but him an old man yes you know with the tired body and a me say…


Nick Fury him a come to me and a want some of this him a want to give S.H.I.E.L.D. all of me gamma lyrics

Them want fe use them as a weapon to rule the land beat down them enemy with an iron hand

So all you gamma ray posse you haffe come up inna this and unite behind me gamma lyrics

If your skin turn green people watch it because we’ve got a new style and haffe flash it

so we haffe hunt down the haters, me a the professional gamma radiated assassinator

so if you step to me you better wear some Depends, call in the Army lord call in the Feds

get all the muscle you can muster cuz I get incredibly green and destroy all The Hulkbusters

So all of you super powered nemesis there pon me list you better better hear me now you better listen to this..


People listen now, Tony Stark and The Hulk them a come ’round and ask Mister Saturday for a gamma jam down…

“Mister Saturday what did you say?”

No problem, me say no problem, no not at all

so them record it all to make them enemies fall Modok and The Bi-Beast them a hit the wall

Moonstone and The Harpy and The Absorbing Man along with Titania she’s a holding him hand

With the U-Foes, yes them all fall together because me and Bruce Banner are the true blood Brothers….


So yeah there you have it a quasi tribute to the Hulk. I recently made a Mister Saturday Bandcamp page too so you can download some tracks for FREE! Check it!

So onto my second point…I have to say once again The Incredible Hulk comic book today just plain SUCKS! The bland story arc that rebooted the recent series, the wretched Wilce Portacio shitstorm of art, Issue 7.1’s lame Hulk Sex in the streets, now issue 8 with the Punisher, another dumb one shot story with maybe the worst looking Hulk I have seen in ages compliments of Steve Dillon. Who’s drawn a tall lanky bald Hulk.

So when the hulk changes he doesn’t grow hair back, but when Thunderbolt Ross turns into the Hulk his mustache mysteriously disappears huh?! Please save me soon from all of this plain bad Hulk writing and artwork that has been plaguing the world of the jade giant. So I just had to get that off my chest…Don’t make me angry Marvel! It’s time to start delivering quality Hulk stories again…

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