Still Trying to Forget The “New Monkees” of 1987!!

Well I have had The Monkees on the brain since hearing of Davy Jones passing yesterday. It got me thinking of the Monkees when I was a kid and how much I loved them. It also got me thinking of something else I wish I could forget-do any of you remember The New Monkees?!!

If not that’s probably a good thing! If you do then you know what a crap-tas-tic idea and show this was. The year was 1987 and in 1986 the Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork released the hit song “That Was Then, This is Now” remember that? Well it brought on a sort of Monkees revival and someone over at Columbia Pictures thought the answer to this new rise in popularity was….The New Monkees.

These idiots had zero to do with the old group but somehow they got a tv show, an album and the band name The Monkees! Not a bad deal huh!? Well what happened was nobody gave a shit about the NEW Monkees, their show or their music-because well, people loved the REAL Monkees!!! I know as a kid this shit didn’t compare and it actually made me angry when this show would suddenly appear on my tv screen! Geez…anyway they made some really bad 80’s music and 13 really incredibly unfunny tv episodes….so live it up New Monkees today you get another 5 seconds of fame from me here….Enjoy!!

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