It’s 1987: Trick or Treat! How about a Comic Book Instead?!

Way back in 1987 Marvel had an idea-let’s give kids comic books instead of candy on Halloween! Yeah back in those days people were super freaked out that Halloween candy was poisoned or that it had razor blades and needle s stuck in it. Whoever started that rumor has gotta be a major party pooper-I mean did anyone ever really get harmed by Halloween candy?! Well Marvel had the solution and  one that really should have stuck-mini comic books instead! Hell I’d take an Incredible Hulk comic over a Baby Ruth any day!!! Check this out:

Well along with my mini comics I’ll gladly take one of these Hulk Trick or Treat candy or in this case comic book carriers from 1979!!

One comment

  1. 1frombeyond

    This is awesome. Especially since 1987 was fun time for Marvel comics. No 1984-1986, but still awesome.

    “Hulk disappointed.”

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