The Caps: A Feel Good 70’s Sitcom Set to Music…

I recently was given  a complimentary copy of  the new album “Have a Blast”, by Portland Oregon’s “The Caps” and it’s had me smiling ever since the first listen. These guys have been around for just a few years now releasing their second album with a new line up save James Hall the bands original drummer who recently rejoined and singer/guitarist Chris Worth. On “Have a Blast” they are back with eleven of the catchiest pop songs you’re likely to hear in 2011. Like a three way battle between Belle & Sebastian, Superchunk and The Beach Boys dashed with slightly off humor reminiscent of They Might Be Giants, The Caps manage to bring the rock while still maintaining a soft side you could be sipping champagne to while reading back issues of Mad Magazine.

The songs now, with lead vocals almost evenly split between Worth and new guitarist Andrew Grimaldo, are filled with humor you’re either going to get or quite possibly fly right over your head leaving you wondering if these guys are really taking themselves seriously. A song like “Bike City” could practically be Portland’s anthem here as one of the most bike-centric cities in America, while Worth sings about a girl he’s hopelessly in love in with at the Tastee Freez who won’t seem to give him the time of day. The Caps music is best described as a brilliant 1970’s sitcom rolled in eleven pop songs. There’s a cool innocence  and charm to The Caps music that you rarely hear in bands these days, especially here in Portland where most bands do take themselves way too seriously.

The Caps are simply being themselves, they’re not trying to be the next flavor of the week, they are making good old-fashioned feel good rock and roll that will surely have the most depressed rain drenched Portlander loosening the noose and heading out on his bike to the nearest late night party. In the upcoming rainy season here in PDX you can be rest assured that “Have a Blast” will be in heavy rotation…

Get their new album here

Unfortunately they don’t have a video up for any of the new songs but this one is a fave of mine from their very first ep:

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