The Newest Worst Song EVER!

It’s been days since I have heard the sneak peek snippet from the upcoming Lou Reed / Metallica collaboration album titled LULU. I have gotta say WOW….WOW..this could be one of the WORST songs of all time!!! Seriously I would put this track called “The View” up against pretty much any  of the most wretched songs out there and I am certain without a doubt that it would win over and over again! This song makes Rebecca Black’s song “Friday” sound like it should be nominated for a Grammy award!! It’s quite an accomplishment to come up with music this harmful to the ears and brain. Now there is a 90 second clip out there to hear-it doesn’t get any better folks but it is one of the most funny things I have heard in a while-they can’t be serious?


  1. Christopher

    My favorite band of all time is putting out an album I cannot even begin to get behind.They have released the full song and it’s absolute shit!!! A friend of mine tried to say Metallica was guest spotting on the record..nay its a collaboration between the two.Me and my brother wouldnt even listen to any metallica that came on my ipod today jus out of pure frustration with this new bull shit lol.This is a download skip through it and delete kinda album!!! Grr I could go on all day imma jus stop now and forget this happened.

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