Ruffalo Hulk Teaser!

I just saw this image released today by Marvel studios for The Avengers movie that’s set to be released in less than a year! So far Marvel has kept any images of this new Hulk on lock down.The image below is just a painting I realize but so far so good I say, at least for the time being. Still even today it makes me a little angry that Norton and Marvel couldn’t get over their shit and have Edward back for the Avengers. But with Mark Ruffalo now playing Bruce Banner we at least get to see yet another version of The Hulk. Hopefully this version will be better that the last two movie’s fairly phony looking Hulks.

Don’t get me wrong the last version with Norton was actually pretty good and I loved him as Banner but I gotta say The CG Hulk still looked like shit. Seriously folks please don’t make an entirely CG character in a live action movie the main character. It simply does not work. The Hulk ended up a soul less green computerized cartoon-that ran around in an all too real world. Lets please start using the approach that the late great Stan Winston took in Jurassic Park. Below you can see some of the leaked video from Ang Lee’s Hulk. This video showed that at one time they were planning to mix animatronics with CG, however Lee chose an entirely computerized approach.

Anyway, who knows though this time around, but I highly doubt even Joss Whedon will attempt a different way to portray The Hulk. Perhaps however the CG will be better? Either way I am pretty excited I’ll confess. As I gear up to see Captain America this evening I am hoping for a new standard for Marvel movies. As much as I enjoyed Thor I had a lot of issues with the way it looked, as I describe it these Marvel films simply don’t age well. They have that shiny extreme cg gloss all over them. Asgard should have been a rugged landscape, filled with burly godly viking like barbarians. Somehow we got glossy pretty boys in glowing shiny rainbow armor. I hope for a little more grit in Cap tonight and I’d be lying if I said I’m not hoping for the same from The Avengers big screen debut….


  1. christopher

    I loved the look of the Hulk in the last movie I’m sorry but how damn real do you expect a 9 ft Green Monster to look?? lol He looked ten times better then a bodybuilder with green paint on I’m sorry I love the old show to death but that just aint gonna fly these days and I just don’t see how a big awkward puppet is gonna help him look better.

  2. christopher

    There are scenes that were especially incredible looking.In the rain on the mountain he looked real as shit!Even ang lee’s “Hulk” had moments of CG brilliance before you punch me from across the country notice I said “moments”.When he was getting shot by the army and you could see the bullets rippling his skin that was bad ass when he first met nick nolte in the movie he looked good…then they made him 20 ft tall??? WTF!!?? I just never once thought while watching The Incrdible Hulk that he didnt seem real…But also I think it goes down to that I LOVE CG and you do not lol.Gotta say from the poster he looks more old school 🙂

    • petersaturday

      Well I guess what really bothers me is the movement, these cg characters just don’t seem to have any weight to them. Why would they they don’t really exist. My point to all this is that they honestly have not perfected cg yet and anytime I see It I know it’s cg. Belive me if they combined visual effects with animatronics, make up ect. with cg movies and their monsters ect would be amazing. But CG is cheap, real effects are time consuming and more costly. The Hulk could be so much more impressive of a character if he was really on screen at leat sometimes with the real actors..that’s why Jurassic Park still looks so convincing!!

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