More Monsters Like 1979’s Prophecy Please!

I will admit, yes, I do love horror movies! However not the kind that could actually happen to us in real life or torture porn like “Saw” or “Hostel” in the least bit. No when I say I like horror movies what I’m really saying is I love monster movies! Ever since I was a little kid I have been obsessed with monsters-and still even as an adult (in age at least) I will still admit that I am still obsessed with monsters! The problem is today is that a good monster movie is really hard to come by-and most these days are stuffed to the brim with wretched looking CG. There have been a few exceptions like “Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer”, “Splinter” and “Feast”. However in 2011 I feel it’s important to remind people like myself about some of the lesser known gems that must been seen for the first time or re watched in the monster genre.

Today’s gem is 1979’s monster movie bonanza “Prophecy”! If you call yourself a monster fanatic and you never seen this I’ll come over this evening while you’re sleeping an egg your house! Seriously for a minute here, while I’m on it why the hell have people stopped egging other people’s houses?! Back in the 80’s that was the best form of revenge along with a few rolls of toilet paper and you were set to piss off your worst enemy and their parents too! Now you NEVER see an egged house or even a toilet papered house…now I guess the ultimate revenge is sending some evil texts or defiling someones Facebook page-well you know what I think of that? Completely un-fucking-inspired!!! Ok well I just had to get that off my chest!

Onto the movie, Prophecy is a brilliant monster movie with a message too! The movie Directed by John Frankenheimer first off has a flat out bad ass movie poster-the kind where when you see it you are pretty damn sure it’s going to be amazing. It has a pretty eco-friendly plot. If this movie doesn’t convince you not to litter I don’t know what will. The story in a nutshell is about a logging company who’s waste is dumped into the river is turning the local wildlife into mutant killing machines! Crazed killer racoons are the least of your problems in this forest-try giant mutated killer grizzly bear monsters on for size! See you CAN use monsters to get really any point across! Because really running into a rabid mutant grizzly bear in the woods is pretty much the last thing I want to do!

Another thing about this movie is that it stars Talia Shire, you know of “Rocky” (Yo, Adrien, we did it!) fame stars in it and it also features some pretty great mutant monster attacks! I tell you this monster is pissed the hell off too when he finally arrives on screen-a total head case who appears to have had a few too many hundred Red Bulls. I gotta say too the monster looks pretty damn good-my favorite kind-just a guy dressed up in a rad monster mutant suit flipping the hell out! So if this summer has got you a little blue well lively it up with “Prophecy” the way a monster movie was meant to be! If this clip below of a mere chemically enraged raccoon doesn’t inspire you to check this flick out I don’t know what will!



  1. Ken

    If you like monster movies, especially those that take place in the forest, you should check out our movie, THE MILLENNIUM BUG! I, too, am a great fan of PROPHECY, and I think perhaps I was partly inspired by some of the better aspects of the film.

  2. William A Sprick III

    I had a chance to see this movie at the theatre when it came out in 1979 but instead chose to see “Nightwing”(not a bad flick in itself) I got the reviews and rented it later when it came out on videocassette-I bought the tape shortly thereafter and watched it so many times the leader broke! This movie is a gem and I wish there were more like it. I am happy to say it is a part of my library again in the form of a dvd. Many thanks John Frankenheimer!

  3. Nix Eclips

    Hey, Mister Saturday. Just wondering where that pic of the monster attacking the truck (in the daylight) came from. It looks like a magazine spread or from a book or something? Thanks, if you still check this.

    • petersaturday

      Hey you know I’m not sure where that one came from actually, but prophecy still remains one of the best monster movies ever!

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