Tim Robbins the Barbarian?

So today I suddenly discovered a possible 1980’s fantasy movie that I have never seen before! The movie in question is “Eric The Viking” from 1989 and stars Tim Robbins as well a swashbuckling viking. Now I wonder by looking at the movie poster how this movie ever could have slipped beneath my radar?

My best guess is that this one probably sucks or is was utterly forgetable. Or could it be that it’ll soon be one of my fave fantasy movies of all time? I hope so, because finding a great lost 80’s movie in this genre would be quite a discovery for me in 2011! I have to say that the poster looks better than the preview and I also heard that the current version available now on dvd was heavily edited because of pacing issues.

Another positive is that this one is  that  it’s directed by Terry Jones of Monty Python fame-though from what I have already read is that it only has light doses of their usual brand of humor through out. So either way I have a new movie to look forward too, personally hoping for another “Time Bandits”, but I won’t hold my breath. What are the chances right? Interesting though in searching for info about this one I also discovered that supposedly Tim Robbins lives right here in Portland Oregon!

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