Where Are All The Realistic Comic Book Super Heroes?

I was talking with some friends the other night about something I think is really interesting and kinda depressing in the world of comics books. The topic of realism in super hero comic books. I am not talking realism in a way of superhuman beings roaming the earth, having crazy powers and fighting crime. Nope, you see that’s all more than fine with me. I am rather talking about the fact that it seems almost every super hero or super team seems to have a full cast of beautifully sculpted super models in their ranks. Even worse is the fact that almost every artist draws everyones faces the same-I mean most of the time Bruce Banner is drawn with same face as Reed Richards, Captain America or Cyclops! Kind of a cookie cutter “safe” bland drawing of men or women in comic books. See this has been happening since the beginning of comic books and to be quite honest it’s kinda lame.


I personally would LOVE to see a little more depth and realism in my comic books. Why does every woman have to have the same perfect body?? Doesn’t The Invisible Woman ever eat too many donuts when nobody is looking? Or Ben Grimm drink a few too many drinks and get a beer belly? Aren’t there any short, round, chubby, people, with big noses, long chins, big buts, small boobs, flabby arms, big ears or buck teeth?


No I’m not talking about The Toad, Doctor Octopus or Frog Man or even slapping a beard or mustache on someone. I am talking about some members of the X-men, The JLA or The Avengers actually looking like real people with real human characteristics! Why the hell hasn’t anyone in comic books thought of this yet? Does getting super powers automatically turn you into a body builder? What the fuck?


Why does every female super hero have a perfect butt, big boobs & long legs? Hmmm maybe characters could have….gulp….different looking body shapes???! Imagine that…a team of people that actually have different faces with differently drawn bodies, mouths and noses! You know I am not saying I want a team full of twinkie eating, out of shape  slackers-I just want a little variety!!!

So here’s a call out to all you artists out there-let’s put some real personality into our comic books because it seems to me that all of you artists have been drawing the SAME men and women for the past 80 plus years!!! It’s time to branch out comic book people, it’s time for the modern superhero to really be people we can relate too…..


  1. christopher

    I think the movie Unbreakable made a good explanation as to why Super heroes look the same….I want thicker super gals! We need super women that look like Elke The Stallion…I agree jus a lil variety would be cool.

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