Bendis, Maleev and Moon Knight!

Today the brand new debut issue of Moon Knight came out and I have got to say I set my expectations pretty high. What I have been hoping for here is that lightning will strike twice-meaning Bendis and Maleev will bring to Moon Knight what they did for Daredevil years ago. Let me start by saying the Bendis / Maleev run on Daredevil was one of the best reads I have ever had on a comic book. It was easily one of the most consistently great ones at the very least.

Now however Bendis, who lives right around the corner from my store here in Portland Oregon, has become less than impressive in my opinion in the world of comic books as of late. However this is a comic book that I could see him really shining on and teaming him back up with Alex Maleev’s amazing art is something I’ve been waiting for quite sometime on a book like this. Now add the highly under rated Moon Knight to the mix, a super vigilante with the same grit potential as Daredevil on his best day!
I have actually always thought Bendis would be perfect for this book-well now we get to put him to the test and see if he can really make Moon Knight a contender in the big league.

I have to say right off the bat though as I opened this issue the art was not quite as fantastic as it was on the Daredevil run Maleev illustrated, it’s still good but the colors are bit too bright for my usual taste yet at it’s best it brings to mind a more Bill Seinkiewicz vibe (most likely on purpose!) than his usual work. Still I will say it’s nice to have these guys teamed up again. The story was decent as well, not the most engaging issue Bendis has ever written but it’s still early on in the game. We see a bit of Moon Knight’s past as well as him meeting up with the “Avengers” who have come to tell him he needs to be out on the streets of LA at night keeping order as Captain America is unfamiliar with the west coast.

We get a little action as Moon Knight encounters a poorly drawn, almost unrecognizable Mister Hyde (shame on you Maleev- Hyde is an awesome villain-at least make him look the part) and get into a scuffle only to find that he’s got an Ultron robot body hidden away on his boat.

We also once again realize Moon Knight is still bat shit crazy as he has been imagining that the Avengers have been talking to him….all in all I can say I’ll be back for issue two to see where this all goes. So far it’s not the knock out I was dreaming of but rather more so on par with what I have come to expect from Bendis, a bit watered down version of what he used to be….

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