The Green Bay Packers Best Kept Secret!!

Ok so I am really not a big sports fan-I never have been but being from Wisconsin there’s certainly some huge hype right now on the Green Bay Packers as they are getting ready to play in the Super Bowl tomorrow!! Now really I don’t care at all normally but there’s one super hero from the Marvel Universe who I guarantee will be watching the game this year-Sasquatch!!

Why you ask? Well there is a little known fact about Walter Langkowski (Sasquatch’s real name) that not many people even remember- He once played for the Green Bay Packers!

Yeah now if that is not incentive for me to get down with the team I don’t know what is! First of all he’s been one of my ALL time favorite characters since I was just a little kid. Second he’s on the most under-rated super team in the whole damn Marvel universe! Lastly he was created by my fav comic artist John Byrne!!

So let it be know as you can see right here if you don’t believe me! It states: “He attended Pennsylvania State University on a football scholarship, where he met Bruce Banner and became interested in gamma ray research. After graduating, Walter pursued his research independently while accepting a position with a professional football team, the Green Bay Packers, and married Veronica, an actress who bore him a son. After earning over a million dollars, Walter retired and returned to school, soon earning his Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.”

Shit he only earned a million bucks with the Pack?! What gives?! You gotta pay Sasquatch more than that if you want him to stick with the team!! Anyway I have a new love for the Pack knowing now that Sasquatch played on the team! Gooooooo Pack!

One comment

  1. Raz

    Awesome job Pete. This fits into your “Champion” theme too as Sasquatch also faced (and lost) to the Champion. Thanks for running with the idea. It made my day.

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