It’s About Damn Time Clark!

Well isn’t it? I mean how long have we had to wait for this moment? Ten seasons it seems but  let’s still keep in mind it still may not really happen-at most I bet we get just a glimpse of  Tom at the end of the season donning the  red n’ blue tights. But who knows-maybe Zack Snyder will be so  impressed with Welling in the suit that he’ll cast him in his own movie?!  Highly doubtful I know but there have been rumors  of a possible television movie to follow the final season.  I for one feel he should have  hopped in the suit a long time ago! It  probably would have  given the show the kick start it really needed….

One comment

  1. christopher

    Ive seen every episode of smallville and I’m happy to say everything since season 9 began has been on point they are drawing heavily from the comics more now then ever.I agree he shoulda had the suit on a while ago.His black suit in season 9 was bad ass though and his red leather jacket with the S on it that hes sporting now is also cool…but dammit its time to put that suit on!!!!! I’ll be so sad when its over Smallville is my favorite show since Star Trek Enterprise went off the air.

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