Sint: New Holiday Horror Discovered!!

I was lucky enough to see the wonderful “Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale” this holiday season, a movie I ranted alot about here before I even saw it. It will be one that I’ll be purchasing on DVD as soon as it hits stores as it’s truelty a wonderful little christmas film. Well I also discovered another movie I missed out  on this holiday season, this one however may be a while to wait to see-It’s called “Sint” and it looks pretty damn bad ass…

This one is a Dutch film direceted by Dick Maas, who’s probably most well know here for his movie “The Shaft” which starred Naomi Watts, has now decided to take on not Santa Claus but his similar companion good ol’ jolly Saint Nick. Only as you guessed it he’s not so Jolly-he actually appears to be quite the opposite from the trailer I recently checked.  I heard that there was some sort of uprising in Holland because of this movie portraying Nick as a total dick-I also heard it did really great at the box office there!  Check out Saint Nick’s bad ass weapon he’s got there-and that’s even before he’s transformed into  Saint Dick!

So here’s hoping that this flick gets released here. I am betting though if it does it most likely see the light of day until next X-mas season. Until then I’ll be combing ebay or maybe even a quick download site to see if this one lives up to the hype it’s built for itself. So far it looks pretty bad ass-I just love the whole twisted holiday mythos as I understand that in many countries the holidays used to have a morbid underside to them. Anyway here’s the trailer-it’ll be on my watch list next christmas season without a doubt…

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