HD Digital TV Blu-ray SHIT Phenomenon!

Ok I have been noticing lately that everyone has got these fancy ass tv sets in their house that look like computer monitors. Supposedly they’re the wave of the future with their digital images and and HD precison. I’ve been watching movies and Tv shows at friend’s places on their two thousand dollar “killer ass” Tv sets and you know what? I think they SUCK! Wanna know the reason why? Well last night I was watching “Purple Rain” on one and I noticed once again that most of the movie when viewed on a Tv like that somehow seems to look like a cheezy soap opera!! Like a damn episode of “Saved By the Bell”!

It’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen-half the movie looked like a normal movie-then suddenly a shot comes in and it looks like Prince is starring in a lost epsode of General Hospital!!! Does anyone out there know what I’m talking about?? Am I completely crazy??

 Before this I tried watching Lost on someones Tv and it freaked me the fuck out! We were like five minutes into the show and I thought someone was filming John Locke with a damn camcorder! What gives with this?? I’ve got a Tv set that was $19.99 from 1989 from Goodwill that’s got better picture quality than most these new hunks of junk (Sorry-please don’t be offended HD peeps-nothing personal-I just can’t stand it and I just HAD to finally say it-but hey that’s life).

Can someone please explain to me this phenomenon? Why do people seem to love their favorite movies being turned into tv sit-com quality romps so much by these new Tv sets??

 I’m lost here and the funny thing is most people who own the Tv’s claim they don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about, when you’re watching “One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest” and suddenly it looks like Jack Nicholson is on an episode of “Webster”!! So anyone pleeez tell me what the hell gives??? Have I just lost my mind? This is now prompting me to do some serious research into this weird ass shit…


  1. justin

    i think its got to do with a low contrast rate… most big tvs have only a 50,000/1 contrast ratio… the better ones have about a 2,000,000/1 ratio… go to the store and look at em.

  2. christopher

    I know what you mean playa! Its all about your ryes getting used to the HD when my buddy first got his epic huge HD tv I had the same issues now a year later I dont have that issue anymore…Just takes some getting used to then u dont notice it..

  3. jackowick

    Ever see someone brag about their bluray and then throw in something like Voltron episodes? Half the people with bluray are still watching regular cupajoe shows.

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