Splice Sex Scene Whatta Laugh…

So I just watched Splice last night you all know the movie with Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley finally. I just wanted to take a moment to say that the movie wasn’t that good, it had some shitty ass as usual CG and it had a totally stupid plot twist of Adrien Brody getting it on with the lil’ Monster with the CG legs. I know this is old news but hey, but it WAS just released on dvd & I don’t make it to the theaters much lately as I am trying to save money (hint hint-when am I gonna get some free movie passes or something from doing this site?!).

I just wanted to say that the fact that Broder suddenly wants to fuck the little monster they have been raising was just pretty damn lame-I know, it’s supposed to be super edgy right-cuz it’s a monster and Broder is all hot stuff and is all real kinky cuz it’s a monster! Oh yeah though she’s kinda sexy right? It’s just sooooo damn edgy!!? They did have alot of hot on screen chemistry right-Broder and the monster? NO!!! blah blah blah….what a dumb movie. Sorry folks not much else I can say here-if you wanna get a real shock check out the Masters of Horror episode directed by Dario Argento called “Jenifer” and skip this turd!

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