Bringing back those 80’s Zombies!!

I was pretty pumped to see the brand new Deadworld Classic trade paperback at the comic book shop recently. Wait, you never heard of Deadworld? Well if not I highly suggest that if you are indeed a true zombie fanatic you best be getting your ass down to the local comic book shop immediately to pic up this trade! It’s been called the best zombie comic by critics and at least can be safely called the first.

This cult 80’s comic also features the amazing Vince Locke as the artist for the first 8 issues. Some of the covers for this book are still some of the best zombie images I have ever seen. The crazy thing about it was that Vince was only in his teens when he started illustrating this comic. He went on to illustrate the amazing “A History of Violence” which was later made into  a big time motion picture. Though at times some of his art is a bit inconsistant the majority of the book has some pretty amazing stuff from him as and indie artist at the time. During the late 80’s this comic had alot of controversy around it because of some of the cover art and some versions of the comic were sold with their covers actually brown paper bagged.

The great thing about this particular story is that there’s a zombie is that some of the zombies have gained superior intellegence which makes this quite an interesting tale. Deadworld’s villain is an undead biker named “King Zombie”  who’s cunning, creepy and also wants to eat you! It’s too bad for Robert Kirkman because the intellegent zombie would have made for a frightening development in The Walking Dead.   

It’s been quite sometime too since these issues have been all collected. I’ve been searching Ebay for a while to replace my copy that unfortunately was lost in hurricane Katrina’s flood waters. The issues were collected on CD Rom-but really who wants to read a comic on a computer?? So thankfully Desperado and IDW finally did the deed and put these out again for everyone to enjoy.

In mid, 2009, it was announced that Deadworld was to be turned into a movie. Dark Hero Studios partners David Hayter and Benedict Carver were supposedly supposed to be teaming up with Bill Mechanic to turn the comicbook into a zombie feature franchise. However there hasn’t been any real new developments on this for quite sometime which maybe makes me wonder if they’re waiting for a better offer.

Either way if you love comic books, zombies and tons of gore done the 80’s way wait no longer and pick this collection up asap!


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