NES Nightmares!!

I was thinking this morning for some reason about fun it used to be when I was a kid in the 80’s and I’d spend a far too hot summer afternoon with my friends playing Nintendo in my brother’s room in the basement. Those were good times, eating chips, drinkin’ pop chilling in the cool basement and most of all playing video games. These definately weren’t the games of today with ultra realistic graphics and a controller with like fifty buttons on it. Nope, these were times when video games were actually fun to play!! Simple and to the point, well most of ’em at least. We’d play ’em all back then, Super Mario Bros, Castlevania, Rygar, Mega Man and one game in particular which drove us fucking bat shit crazy- Ghosts ‘n Goblins!!! Just seeing the packaging alone for this game here below brings back so many nostalgic memories of the 80’s and many extremely frustrating ones as well!

 Yeah this was one of my favorite games of all time for some reason-me and my brother played the shit out of this game trying to beat it and to this day were never able to do so. It was one of the hardest games out for the NES. It was games like these that made people go out and buy new controllers monthly because after playing them for a couple weeks you couln’t help but take out your aggression on the NES controllers! Everytime we’d lose or die in the game we’d smash that controller so hard on the floor that we’d have to hold them together with duct tape! Man those were the days….Anyway I just today found an amazing review of Ghosts & Goblins-to say it made me chuckle was an understatement. If you remember this game from the 80’s I highly advise that you check this out!! As I dedicate this blog to one of the most nerve racking video games of all times!!


  1. Christopher

    Oh man what a s hitty game I think its available for download on the wii lol! The guy doing the review is kinda funny but he is nowhere near as awesome as the Angry Video Game nerd!!

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