Robert Rodriguez to Dirty Up Deadpool Movie?!

So here’s alittle good news for X-men fans, it seems that Robert Rodriguez, according to The Playlist is being considered to possibly direct the Deadpool spin off! Too bad we couldn’t have gotten him to direct the next Wolverine movie!!


I’ll say at first I was extremely pesimistic about the Deadpool movie, for the simple fact that it was a spin off of the steaming goliath of terd Wolverine solo film we were all subjected to endure. I had a feeling when the spin off was announced that it’d be even a bigger disappointment.

 I guess Ryan Reynolds makes an ok Deadpool right? But are we going to have to look at his pretty face the whole sequel or will they keep him deformed? Probably not. But at least if Rodriguez does direct it’s likely to have a different feel to it than any other Marvel flick. Deadpool is something he could run with too. The gritty mutant is perfect for his style-and hey maybe it will inspire Marvel to do a REAL Wolverine flick already!

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