Woody Harrelson in KICK ASS?!

Last night I went to the video store to find a movie to totally just chill out to as I was super tired from staying out way too late the other evening and winding up eating Taco Bell at 3 am. Yes as it always ends up being, you realiz the only reason you even considered it was because you were wasted and the late night T-Bell turned out to be quite a mistake the next morning. But enough about that!

Anyway upon browsing the new release shelves I ran into a movie that looked quite interesting. Normally it seems I’ve got a pretty good handle on all the upcoming super hero type flicks but it seems that this one  must have just slipped beneath my nerd radar. Defendor is the new direct to dvd Woody Harrelson “superhero” film. Yeah I know at first when I heard the name name I thought it was the new GO BOTS flick too!

Seriously though I wasn’t sure what to think of this one except that it obviously MUST be a direct Kick-Ass rip off. You know like when they released Snakes On a Plane suddenly at the  video store you saw “Snakes On a Train”. Laughable direct to dvd rip offs released right at the time of a major blockbuster.

So I held the dvd with mild curiousityand then proceeded to rent Crazy Heart instead to see what the fuss about Jeff Bridges was actually all about (I will say I thoroughly enjoyed it!). However when I got home I did a quick You Tube search on “Defendor” and was pleasantly surprised by the trailer. This will definately be my next rental. Aside from at first looking like a serious mix between Michael Rapaport’s cool indie superhero flick “Special”  and the recently released Kick-Ass I’d say this movie shows some serious potential, at least from the trailer. What do you think? 

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