Toxie Goes Soft On Us…

Remakes, remakes, remakes they just don’t stop! Now word on the street is that they’ll most likely be screwing up the Toxic Avenger!! Geez-what next huh?? Apparently they want to turn the new movies into a family friendly franchise. So really just taking away all that made Toxie cool in the first place! Deadline New York reported that they intend to “turn Toxie into a green superhero for these environmentally conscious times”.

They are making compairisons to “The Mask” and what I’m seeing is a steaming pile of shit! Who wants a toned down Toxic Avenger? If anything they should be amping it up and trying to improving on the original (if that’s possible). Yeah I can say it’s time for original ideas until I lose my voice but you know what maybe it’s true in terms of Hollywood it’s all been done before and done better.

Here’s a little more of what they had to report:

“Toxie, as the mop-wielding character is affectionately called, is at the center of a remake deal for a film that will be produced by Akiva Goldsman, Richard Saperstein and Charlie Corwin. Corwin’s Original Media, a partnership with Dutch reality TV giant Endemol, has financed the acquisition of rights to a franchise that includes four sequels, an animated TV series and comic books. Original Media will finance the development of a script, with writers to be hired shortly.”

At least we will always have the original and no one can take that away from us….

One comment

  1. sheaehs

    wow, i wonder how toxie will become “eco-friendly”. likely pounding the man with their own toxic waste. maybe he’ll put styrofoam cups through people’s skulls? the possibilities…

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