The Liquorice Jujyfruit?! What gives?!

Ok some people might not think this is worthwhile subject of a blog but you know what I don’t care! First off let me proclaim that I love candy!  I will find any excuse to eat candy-alot of the time I justify eating it when I watch a movie-because everyone eats candy while watching a movie right? RIGHT! So I have had one gripe with one of my favorite candies, JUJYFRUITS! Oh man, I could eat Jujyfruits all day long! But there is just one thing that has bothered me for years that I never really expressed to anyone before-why is the damn purple Jujyfruit licorice flavored?? It states it’s a fruit flavored candy-shouldn’t it be grape?? I know this candy has been around for like 200 years but really-this isn’t Jujyroot candy! Licorice is not a fruit! Now don’t get me wrong I actually LIKE the licorice Jujyfruit alot it’s just a bit odd when you’re eating the lime or orange flavor and then you suddenly got the black licorice flavor screwin’ up the program in your mouth! That’s total tastebud deception!!

They changed a flavor in 1999 when apparently Mint was  included in the mix. Apparently they got alot of complaints about the mint flavor-well DOYE! Yeah, good move taking mint out of the mix- that digusting flavor ruined the whole damn party time and time again! Who thought that was a good “fruit” flavor to add to the mix? Do the people at the Heide candy company even understand what a fruit is??! Anyway the shapes of the Jujyfruits candies are listed on their wikipedia page as- Pineapple, Tomato, Raspberry, Grape Bundle, Asparagus Bundle, Banana, and Pea Pod. What the HELL is that all about?? Who the hell was in charge of this fucked up situation?? Tomato???! Asparagus bundle and………..PEA POD?? WTF? Well it’s clear there’s no rhyme or reason to the operation down at the Heide candy company! I officially give up!!


    • petersaturday

      I just think it’s a weird choice! But now I ate them again this week and kinda dug the licorice in the mix!! maybe cuz I made such a BIG deal about it!

  1. markspencer

    The mint and licorice are (were) the best flavors. Why they would change the superior, awesome mint flavor to soapy, pedestrian lime is a mystery and a tragedy. Lime is easily the saddest of all artificial flavors. Mint and Licorice rule. Seriously.

    • petersaturday

      Ummmm….I have actually grown to love the licorice flavor-but no thanks on them bringing back the mint! YUCK!!

    • Hurricane

      I whole heartedly agree! 👍🏽
      I bought JujyFruits for YEARS only to pick out the licorice and mint and dump the rest! Till this day If they made a box of all licorice…. I’d buy a case at almost any cost and I wouldn’t even mind standing in line to get it!

  2. Laura Keith

    I know I have had mint flavored candies in my box of jujy fruits after the supposed change in 1999. I say leave it alone it’s a weird mix but it’s a classic

  3. Ted

    Mint and licorice is what most candy fans grew up with. If we wanted lemon and lime we would but Dots or Mike And Ike. The change sucked.

  4. Ben

    I have been saying that for years!! I pick them out because it totally kills the flavor. At least make them grape flavored.

  5. Mary

    I LOVE jujyfruits and wrote several complaints about the green spearmint ones…however, the blacks are my favorite. They are black, not purple, in my eye. I just bought a new box and the black doesn’t taste licoricy any more. Not sure what it tastes like. Soooo bummed!

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