Let’s Get Ready To Rumble! The Greatest Cartoon Brawls Part 5!!

Ok well I am not really sure if anyone really gives two shits about cartoon brawls but I’m keeping up this thread cuz I do! Hey when you’re bored you’ll search for just about anything on You Tube right? Well when you mention a cartoon fight there’s one character who definateley likes to get rowdy-Popeye! Popeye has kicked so much ass in his time it’s absolutely unbelievable! He’s been doing it for decades!

Pratically ALL ol’ Pops does is kick ass every day of his life! He deals with alot of B.S. contantly from Brutus and constantly keeps giving him chances to prove himself to not be a total douche but ends up having to waste him literally almost every day of his damn life! So let’s take a quick look at a good video which compiles some good ass whoopings delivered by Mr. Eye himself!!

Ok still wanna see some more Popeye ass kickin? Well this one is from the BEST Popeye epic adventureof all time this clip is pretty much all Popeye fighting for his life on Sinbad’s island!


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