Brilliant Comedy from Doctor Doom!

Well yesterday was my birthday and last night I got pretty hammered so today my brain isn’t really working too well. But anyway probably the best thing I could have done was watch The Menace of Magneto episode from the 70’s Fantastic Four Series at the end of the night completely hammered while eating Taco Bell. Yeah not such a healthy night but it was fun! The cartoon delivers the goods everytime. I posted a blog of here about it a while back. I have never seen a cartoon that makes me laugh that hard while trying to take itself seriously. So it got me thinking today that need to find all of these episodes! I mean is it possible that the others are just as hilarious??? Well I found some clips on Youtube that just have to be seen to be believed! The best thing about it is it’s the same guy doing the voice of Doctor Doom that did the mentally challenged Magneto from the other brilliant epsiode! Yeah Doctor Doom like Magneto has to tell you everything that he’s doing as he’s doing it! I am going to comb ebay so I can get the full version of this one if it’s out there on vhs. Check this shit out!!

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