Happy New Years to all DORKS!!

Happy New Years!

Well here it is 2010!! Things are not nearly advanced as they were believed to be by this year in all of those sci-fi movies! Anyway This january here marks one full year of Universal Dork! I can’t believe how fast this year went and how many blogs we’ve done. I also wanted to thank everyone who checked us out here an continues too! There’s never a shortage of geeky things to report and as long as there continues to be we’ll be giving our two cents worth on them all. So now taking a deep breath that the holidays are almost completely over we can really get focused here again. Keep your eyes open for our best and worst of 2009 this week! I’d do one today but honestly typing this is a challenging right now as I am quite brain dead from last night. Also you’ll be noticing soon a new look for the site, don’t worry though the Beyonder won’t be going anywhere! Thanks again!


  1. christopher

    Thank you guys for kicking so much ass.This site is one I check on almost a daily basis. KEEP ON DORKING IN THE FREE WORLD!!

    Oh and Mr Saturday Im in desperate need of a copy of your album!

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