The Power Lords Ruled!

I was recently thinking again about all the cool toys I loved as a kid and still do til this day and the awesome Power Lords by Revell jumped into my head! These guys were so cool and aside from being very detailed many of them were also two sided! Meaning you basically had two charcters in one! My favorite of them was Adam Power, shown in the pic below.

power lords

 These action figures were also extremely posable and each one had a special action feature. For example when hitting a button on Adam Power his torso would flip around turning him into the all powerful veiny blue hero! Other characters would do the same or their wings would flap or mouth moved ect. One of my favorite bad guys was Gripptogg, who you can just tell is a bad ass by the way he spells his name, not to mention he’s got four arms!

power lords 2

The premise of the Power Lords was simple, Adam Power is an earthling, given the cosmic Power Jewel to protect the galaxy from the evil dictator, Arkus. Arkus is a nigh invincible foe, determined to take the Power Jewel as well as Volcan Rock, Adam Power’s secret stronghold, in his quest to conquer the galaxy.Two heroes join Adam Power in the war against Arkus. They are Shaya, the Queen of Power and Sydot the Supreme. But evil Arkus also has henchmen of his own to further his evil grip on the universe…


Power lords also got a comic book as well that DC put out, granted it was only three mere issues but still it was pretty awesome! They also spawned some spin-off characters the Power Lords Beast Machines!


Who were also pretty damn cool, kinda playing off of the whole cyborg Mandroid senasation in the 80’s. Anyway these were some cool toys that are definitley worth hunting down!


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