Pee-Wee Herman is Officially Back!

Can you beleive it? Pee-Wee Herman is BACK! Talk about some serious nostalgia seeing Pee-Wee appear on the Jay Leno Show last night! He was a huge part of my childhood in fact in my room I have my Pee-Wee Herman doll (that speaks!) Chairy too (which is a Hand Puppet) and the super cool ventriloquist doll Billy Baloney (who appears in my “Get You Own Box” video gorging his face with Cheez-It Crackers) . Anyway it’s was a great surpise seeing him back on the scene with a  brand new stage show on the horizon. Check this out if you missed it!

pee wee

Check out this clip when he appeared on the Joan Rivers Show in 1986.

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