Halloween Came Early This Year!

Fellow Universal Dorks, let’s return to a day back in June, June 16th of 2009 to be exact…where Universal Dork authored the blog entitled 4 Horror flicks you didn’t know you were excited for! In particular the movie Trick r’ Treat was called out for a movie that you want to add to your list.  Well friends, Universal Dork has pushed to the frontlines of Dorkness and is represented at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con International, and last night there was an pre-viewing of TRICK R’ TREAT!

Trick r' Treat Movie Poster

This dork has attended many talks, by many talented individuals and over the years I have found it interesting to compare their vision with the end result.  In the case of Trick r’ Treat, Michael Dougherty (Writer and Director) made some simple and humble comments about his creation and I found them to overwhelmingly true.  Michael mentioned that Trick r’ Treat was a return to the 80’s style horror movie where gore was not the only thing in the scene, where special effects could be subtle and indirect, but still have a profound impact and scare the bejesus out of the audience, and where you can have horror and suspense blended stylishly with FUN!  Lastly, Michael said it very well,”No one wants to make an Anthology horror movie, in the vein of Creepshow or Tales from the Darkside, or Twilight Zone, because they don’t have the balls”.  Well he had the balls…and that set of balls delivered!

Trick r’ Treat was a complete return to the 80’s horror anthology where this series of stories take place over one Halloween night in a “Pulp Fiction” past/present timeline.  Don’t worry about being confused on the timeline, it is seamless, and each story has its own individual link into the full night of horror.  A great visionary piece with no CG effects (WOW!) and some old school animatronics…and to top it off, transitions with a comic book style.  Despite the simplicity in the plots of each story, there are little twists and turns that you really don’t see until it is too late.

For a smaller film, there is still some medium star power.  Trick r’ Treat features Brain Cox (X2, Bourne Identity/Supremecy) as the terrible old and grumpy man that all of the children in the neighborhood hate, Anna Paquin (X-Men Trilogy) as the shy and pure virgin looking for love in all the wrong places, and Dylan Baker (Happiness, Spiderman Trilogy) as the seemingly mild manner school Principal.  Again, the spirit of an Anthology, you don’t really get to know each of these characters too well since they only have about 10-15 minutes of screen time apiece.  Regardless, the exchanges and stories are detailed enough to keep your attention.

Now when we say scary, please don’t take that as a thrill a minute jump out of your seat kind of scare…but more the classic style horror camera angle, editing, and imagery that keeps your mind just a notch out of focus and on your toes.  The really scary thing about this movie is the fact that it has been sitting around since late 2007 with no distribution and release date.  Well that has been remedied and Warner Brothers is releasing to direct to DVD this Halloween.  This Universal Dork give Trick r’ Treat and A and highly recommends you check this fine piece of horror this coming Halloween!


    • Guy Boyman

      I really want to see it too – but then I also really want to be in the meat in a Michael Dougherty-Dan Harris sandwich (and I don’t mind if its prefaced with a “Bryan Singer presents …” either)! ZING!

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