Justin Timberlake rumoured to star as the Green Lantern….

Hmmm….so I have heard a rumour that pop star Justin Timberlake is reportedly been considered to wear the emerald power ring on the big screen. Acccording to Aint It Cool News  they have begun screen testing for the role of the Green Lantern and it appears that Timberlake is in the running. I wonder what the Guardians of the Universe would think about this huh? I could think of about two dozen people that would make a better Green Lantern than Timberlake but then again what do I know I am just some nerd with a blog about comic books and Sci Fi with “The Beyonder” at the top of our website as our mascot!


 Anyway this is what they had to say about it:

“Hey folks, Harry here… Got an unconfirmed rumor that at Leavesden Studios – there’s been some Warner Bros. screen testing on GREEN LANTERN and that Justin Timberlake was suiting up for the test. That does not mean that JT is going to be Hal Jordan, but just that he’s one of the guys that they’ve been seriously considering for the role of our Emerald Knight. At least that’s the latest from our source, Alphonse.


I know my general instant reaction to Pop Star casting is to curl in the corner shivering from the hives it gives me, but Justin has done some solid film work thus far – plus that sipping commercial where he gets dragged through all sorts of locales. It makes me giggle. What do you folks think of the possibility? Better or worse than Jack Black?”

Yeah well even though I love Jack Black I really don’t think he’s the Green lantern either! What are the people of  Hollywood thinking?! Yeah Jack, “You Know How It Goes With Comic Book People”, um…yeah we don’t want our movies to keep sucking!


Maybe we should just let these guys pic?

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