Corey feldman + michael Jackson = Disaster.

It seems Corey Feldman has been back in the news again recently with the passing of his ol’ buddy and idol Michael Jackson. I’m sure everyone remembers his phase in the late 80’s when he dressed exactly like him and danced around in “Dream A Little Dream”. I must say the sight of him dancing in that scene in that movie kinda made me wanna vomit though the movie is still a bit of a guilty pleasure. Something that some people don’t really know as much about though is his singing career he tried to launch in the late 80’s and early 90’s. This really just has to be seen to be believed. Sure he had some of those MJ killer dance moves down pretty well but when you put a microphone in his hand (or even listen to his lip sync his pre-recorded song) it becomes a whole different story! So sit back and relax while Mr. Feldman takes the stage with some of the worst pop songs in history…

Ok that was pretty damn bad huh? It seems to me like maybe he should have lip synced or something huh? Perhaps that would have solved the problem? Well check this one out then to see if the results are any better…

Hmmm…Corey if you are gonna Lip synce at least make it somewhat beleivable….ok well then let’s just check him out in “Dream a Little Dream 2” as he once again parades around like Michael Jackson….


  1. konales

    Yeah, that was the worst set of clips ever! But I have to admit, he does a good job at breaking down the defenses of that old lady in the second clip. She is just melting when he kicks in. He could pretty much have his way with her after the show…for that I am envious…

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