Marvel Comics Brings on First Gay kiss!

It looks like Marvel has done it again! This time however Northstar is no where to be found (aw poor guy!) and instead we have the mutants of X-Factor who are feeling a bit frisky for the summer! Apparently in the latest issue of  X-factor Rictor & Shatterstar share the first same sex kiss in mainstream comics in the presence of Strong Guy who remarks simply “Ok, I didn’t see that coming”. It has been hinted at several times in the series that these two were all about each other but now I think the deal has officially been sealed. I personally can’t beleive it took so damn long! Anyway this is what X-Factors writer Peter David had to say about it:

“I have much more fun tweaking the fans than actually spelling anything out,” David said in an interview with “I certainly don’t think we could say at this point that Rictor is definitively gay. I think we could make the argument that he’s bi, but I don’t see the point at this juncture in spelling it out — not because of any sense of homophobia or anything like that but out of a sense that I think it’s more entertaining and more thought-provoking if we keep it ambiguous.”


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